Rogério Dec
Composing Classical Music since 1983, Rogerio Dec began his musical education on acoustic guitar with 11 years of age. In subsequent years, developed into instruments such as drums, bass, keyboards, guitar, and went by himself in music theory, transcriptions, arrangements and orchestration.

In Dec 1999 Rogério released two CDs independently produced and released in the most famous site of MP3 music in the world, *

Competing with more than 200,000 artists and over 1 million songs registered in just 15 days, got to have one of his works, “Una Alegre Canción” for classical guitar, elevated to the 5th position of classical music more heard in the world, this position ever achieved by any other artist in South America.

Rogério Dec  had his works promoted on several CDs highlight of, being heard by more than 1 million people worldwide.

Rogério Dec has been featured in many newspapers, radio, magazines and from their experience, launched in site many other Brazilian artists that were also featured on the world stage, as Eliane Bastos, Waltel Branco,Saul Trumpet, Sandra Ávila, Plínio Oliveira, Rogério Krieger among others.

He was twice selected among thousands of Brazilian artists to have their works published on CD by the Brazilian highway concessionaire  Caminhos do Paraná.

Nowadays Rogerio Dec is a music producer of soundtracks for movies and theaters, conductor, arranger and orchestrator, with over 11 years of experience in music production, improving on the technique of samplers.

* The site originally ran until 2003, when the company was sold to CNET, which opted to delete the entries of artists active at that time.
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